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Action Camps and Action Clubs focus on developing the Total Athlete; shaping the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional sides of each athlete. Our Action Camps and Clubs partner with local churches, schools, and overnight camps in order to run effective programs for each community. Our coaches are trained by AIA staff and selected based on a combination of athletic skill, sport knowledge, love for children and youth, and a love for God.



From five-year-olds learning to kick a soccer ball for the first time, to older athletes discovering how to integrate their faith and passion for sport, Action Camps provide the structure and environment for youth to thrive. AIA camps are a five-day adventure focusing on drills, fun games, and competitive games. Most camps run from 9 am to 3 pm, with many offering activities till 4 or 5 pm. Each day our More Than A Game curriculum incorporates skits, pep talks, a bible verse, and small group discussions.


Whether you just want to come out and play or you want to compete in your local league, Action Clubs has a spot for you. Action Clubs teach young athletes physical development and specific skills for their sport. Once a week, our young athletes meet to practice and improve their sport skills and who they are while developing each athlete’s character and understanding of their relationship with God. Action Clubs are divided into two 8 week periods over the course of the sport’s season. Depending on the sport, the club could run at any point in the year. 

For those athletes who want more, a competitive option is available. Those registering for Action Club’s competitive stream will be placed on a team that competes in your local league in addition to their academy time each week.