It’s finally here! AIA soccer tour season is upon us and in just 8 short days, our men’s and women’s team will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime as we set off for Panama and Mexico to utilize the beautiful sport of soccer to bring the life changing message of the gospel to [...]

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Athletes in Action appoints Rodd Sawatzky Director of Pro Sports Ministry

Athletes in Action is pleased to announce the appointment of Rodd Sawatzky as Director of Pro Sports Ministry. Rodd succeeds Dave Klassen in the position, who was promoted to the National Director role in November 2017 after 12 years as Director of Pro Sports Ministry. Rodd has faithfully served with Athletes in Action for over [...]

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NTC Day 5 Wrap-Up: Smells Like Team Spirit

Picking up from last night’s post, the middle portion of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is one I always find the most challenging. It seems to be a time when team morale reaches a new low point, almost as if our attitudes and energy sink with the sun. I think it’s important to realize that no team dynamic [...]

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NTC Day 4 Wrap-Up: Battling the Elements

To say that it has been a crazy day here in Guelph would be an understatement. DJ opened up the morning with our final teaching of the week, focusing on God’s great plan that far exceeds the world of sport. He explained how we were all created with a special set of talents – including [...]

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NTC Vision Night: Removing the Mask

Vision night has become a staple of NTC, where we take some time to dwell in God’s presence and connect with Him outside of a sporting context. The night began with the announcement of the teams for the upcoming S.P.E.C.I.A.L., which saw the auditorium bursting at the seams with hype and energy. I can honestly [...]

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NTC Day 3: The Weight Versus the Wait

Today’s theme revolved around the topic of pain. Not exactly a cheery subject, but nonetheless an important and relevant one. By day three, the effects of running around for hours can really begin to manifest themselves in the athletes. Every body part starts to feel a little bit heavier – the legs, the back, other [...]

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NTC Day 2 Wrap-Up: Intensity is the Name of the Game

For anyone who read my last blog post, do you remember when I said how impressed I had been with the level of competition here at NTC? Well, I think I was merely scratching the surface with that statement. Because day two happened, and the only word I can use to describe it is “intense.” [...]

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NTC Day 1 Wrap-Up: The Power of Pairings

Where in the world could one find a group of university students who show equal bouts of passion towards an all-star soccer game and a rock-paper-scissors tournament? Yep, National Training Camp has definitely arrived in Guelph, Ontario. And this year, 64 athletes from B.C. to Quebec are joining forces to discover what it means to [...]

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Brooklyn Nets, Jeremy Lin uses his time in Canada for a greater purpose

On Easter Sunday, Athletes in Action had the privilege of hosting the “The Total Athlete” event that featured NBA player, Jeremy Lin, of the Brooklyn Nets. Lin, had spent the past six months participating in physical therapy at Fortius, a rehab centre located in Burnaby, BC. During the opening game of the season, Jeremy suffered [...]

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Coaching for Life conference sparks an awakening experience

“I was moved by the kids true innocence, the smiles they bring out of you, their laughter, and how active they are on the field … I had to look up to the heavens and say, ‘Thank you, Lord - how can this be?’ it was priceless.” Raz El-Asmar, passionately shares about his experience in [...]

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