Guatemala Day 7 – A Friday to Remember

It’s hard to believe that we have only been here in Guatemala for a week because so much has happened in such a short amount of time. Friday, our final day of camp, coaches clinics and also our second game on tour, was definitely a day to remember. After a week of playing soccer and sharing our lives with these girls it was a great culmination of our time together, but it was also hard to say goodbye.

Here’s Lauren and Mallory’s take on the day:  

So we started out the day like we have been all week. We ate breakfast at 7:00 am and then had discipleship right after breakfast. It’s truly a blessing what kind of activities and ways to grow with God. Skim had us read a bible verse and use a tool called STAR, meaning Scripture, Thought, Application, and Response. We had moments of silence to just think, pray, and talk with God. After discipleship we headed to the fields for camp.

Camp day 4 was “Soccer Olympics”. We had ten different stations and 8 different teams. The girls in the camp had to compete to finish all of the stations in the fastest time. They went through every station while working as a team. We had 3 important words this week, attitude, presence, and effort. We tied all three of those in the Soccer Olympics. The coaches would determine what team really showed those characteristics, and we voted on the team with the best attitude, the team with the best presence, and the best team with the best effort. We rewarded those teams with some time off their final score. After Soccer Olympics time was up we gathered around with everyone and we announced the 3rd place team, 2nd place team, and the first place team. First place team got mini soccer balls to keep. Closing out the last day of camp we surprised all the campers with a ball, they got to pick and choose one ball and keep it. After that everyone sat down back in the circle and we gave away certificates with their names on it, we cheered and gave them all high fives. Once we were done all the camper had smiles on their faces and asked all of us if we wanted to sign their soccer ball that they received.

After camp we went right into our second friendly match against Xela. We had about 10 minutes to warm up. In the first half we scored 2 goals, and in the second half they tied it 2-2 then we pulled out the 3-2 win. After the game we sat down with team Xela and talked to them about how blessed we were with coming to Guatemala to share with them the game of soccer. Coach Skim presented their coaches with a bag of balls, and they were truly grateful. Coach Skim was the head coach for our team this week. We could not have asked for a better leader to help encourage, support, and teach us. Coach Skim connected and made an effort to connect with each and every girl as a player and as a person. She inspired so many us and really got to understand how God brought soccer, each other, and this opportunity to us. Skim brings so much joy and excitement to this team that is encouraging. She is not only an amazing coach, but an amazing person to look up to. Every single leader let us come out of our comfort zone and was willing to laugh, cry, teach, and pray for us. They were God’s blessings to us and we wouldn’t want to spend this time with any other group of amazing people. After our amazing game against Xela and taking pictures and signing soccer balls from campers it was time for dinner. We went to the mall in Xela and we had an hour to walk around, explore, and shop. After that we had dinner from the food court and frozen yogurt/ice cream to follow. After a long day of camps, games, and shopping we came together back at the hostel and debriefed the game and had discipleship time. During discipleship time we were able to connect as a group. We stopped and had time by ourselves to reflect on us and God. We talked in small groups about what we were thinking about. Many tears we shared as a group and towards the end of the night God really put us in a really good place. We ended the night in a place of unity.

Lauren and Mallory

With only a few days left of our tour, the girls are already getting sad about the thought of saying goodbye. Pray for us to be able to process all that has happened this week and to finish out the trip strong.

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