Guatemala – Day 5

Today our team experienced the power of being present with people.

Our first game was an experience that we will never forget. Right after our camp in the morning it started with a marching band performance and an opening ceremony with national anthems being played, a presentation from the sports confederation, a brief sharing from our AIA staff, and a few words from a woman from Olympic Committee. The stands were packed with fans and students from a nearby school and, as Ellie would say, the environment was pretty “hype”.

The first half of the game was a little rough as the girls learned to play together, But the biggest highlight for us was talking with the team after. Kayla did a fantastic job sharing her story and one of the girls commented later how touched she was by what was shared. And as we circled up to pray and do a team cheer, 3 of the girls from the Xela team came forward to share some things with us. They told us that this was the first time a team had come from another country specifically to play them. We teared up as they shared from their hearts and told us how much it meant to them that we came and that we have shown them what is possible for them in female sport.

It seems really simple, but just showing up, telling people that you see them,  and that they’re  important and valued is a really powerful thing.


Here’s a note from a couple of the girls from yesterday:

Hey friends and family,

Today was a fantastic day. We started off with a yummy breakfast and our daily devotions before we headed to the field for camp! Today we coached the Guatemalan girls in a kings court tournament. We all had so much fun trying to learn Spanish to communicate with the girls… but we totally butchered it haha! We had fun trying though! The tournament was so much fun and everyone had a blast. You could see how much fun everyone was having in the finals when the Guatemalan girls chanted their songs and cheered their friends on. Right after camp we played the Xela team. It was our teams first game together. In our pre game talk we came up with a team word to motivate and connect with our teammates on the field; and that word was courage. Even though we came out with a loss, it was evident that we pushed past our limits and showed courage as a team.

In total we were outside for 6 hours and that left us with some pretty sick farmers tans and knee tans. But it was worth it because playing against a new team in a new country is pretty darn cool. It’s 4 o’clock now and we can’t wait to go out for dinner tonight… BURRITOS!🌯🤪 Besides the point we are having so much fun and we can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.

 Alexa and Hannah 🙂

Today we have our second game! Please pray for our team to experience freedom and joy as they play and for them to be unified on the field.

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