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Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope is always a highlight week of my summer. I’ve been to this camp since I started coaching with AIA, and like other camps, I love coming back each year to see familiar faces of kids that are growing into young men and women. In our small group discussion time, I was surprised and encouraged to hear how much some of the kids already knew about Jesus and how He sacrificed Himself for their freedom. It was really cool to listen to campers teach other campers about the person of Jesus, and how we have the choice to respond to His love for us. On Friday, the whole camp went on a field trip to Petticoat Creek conservation area in Pickering. It was SO FUN getting to know the campers in a relaxing atmosphere – going swimming with them, having a bbq and playing cards. I thank God for Uncle Ben and Sister Betty, the organizers of Seeds of Hope summer camp. What a privilege it was being able to serve with them this week! – Stephanie Fros

We were so blessed to host five coaches from Athletes in Action this summer for one week. They taught and coached the campers in various sports and games while challenging them to show grace, perseverance and selflessness, as they discovered their true identity in God during the daily coaches’ corner. – Benjamin Osei, Jane & Finch Seeds of Hope Camp Director


This is my third year doing soccer camps at Lightway Church, and every year I grow to love the community here more than I ever thought I could.

My team is mainly coaching multisport camps, but this week was a full week of soccer. It wasn’t like other camps where there was a registration list and consistent campers throughout the week, it was more a drop in camp for kids in the community. We had roughly 50 campers a day. Each morning we taught a different soccer skill and then gave them the opportunity to practise their skills by playing soccer games in the afternoons. It was sweet to see familiar faces of kids that had come to AIA camps in years past, now developing into skilled athletes and mature leaders. It was also so exciting to meet a lot of new faces this year and build friendships with them through soccer.

We talked in Coaches Corner a lot this week about how great God’s love is for us and how much He cares about all the details of our lives. Most of the kids in this community come from Muslim or Hindu homes, so it was interesting to hear them speak in our small groups about the gods they worship and the traditions and prayers they must practise in order to be in right standing with their gods. Even though it’s hard to sit and listen to young kids tell me about how they worship other gods, it’s amazing the opportunity that God has provided Lightway Church to speak life into this area of Hamilton, and it’s such a privilege to be a part of it. God is doing a mighty work here!

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