NTC Vision Night: Removing the Mask

May 4, 2018

Vision night has become a staple of NTC, where we take some time to dwell in God’s presence and connect with Him outside of a sporting context.

The night began with the announcement of the teams for the upcoming S.P.E.C.I.A.L., which saw the auditorium bursting at the seams with hype and energy. I can honestly say that I have never felt so pumped up for a 24-hour-long competition.

Then the room stilled with songs of worship to praise our Almighty Lord, led by a lovely worship team.

Following this, the mic was leant to AIA National Campus Director Kevin Cuz, who shared some heartfelt and convicting thoughts about living behind a mask. He spoke about the crossroads we face in life, either choosing a path of pleasing God that relies on our own efforts, or a grace-filled path of trusting God where we can live out the person He made us to be. He challenged us to choose the path of trust and lay our masks down at the cross, while the night concluded with a final set of musical numbers.

How beautiful it is that we are made perfect in our brokenness through the power of Jesus Christ.

What I love about vision night is that it often begins with several individuals sitting in front of a stage, and ends with them literally bonded together, arm in arm, left to ponder the awesome power and love of the God who gives us life. Let that unity live on, during the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and well beyond this camp.

As the night has come to a close, I pray that these athletes may compete in absolute freedom, knowing that they are deeply, deeply loved by our Father.

It was a pretty incredible night. But God’s work is far from over.

Written By: Shayna Lewis


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